We want to help parents learn how to teach swimming skills outside swim lessons!

Our goal is to help children learn to swim faster than with swimming lessons alone and teach adults to self teach swim skills. We believe that if parents learn to teach swimming that kids will learn to swim faster.

Drowning is still the leading cause of death for kids under the age of 5.
1/4 of the US population of Adults can’t swim. Learning to swim will open up a new world of fun and fitness you have imagined. You can teach yourself to swim and we want to help.

Prevent fear of water from becoming a hindrance to your child’s ability to enjoy the water. Learn to teach the skills necessary for learning to swim quickly.

Learning to become a strong swimmer could potentially be life saving.

You will overcome the roadblocks to learning to swim and learn the secrets to learning to swim.
Are you ready to begin your swimming journey?

Our courses shares 20+ years of swimming school experience & 3 years of video footage edited to illustrate the most important fundamentals for teaching swimming & teaching yourself to swim. When you purchase you will immediately receive your link and password for unlimited course access


Teach Your Child Swimming Survival & Strokes

Teach Yourself to Swim Swimming Fundamentals

We teach parents how to teach Swimming Survival & Strokes outside of lessons.

We feel that parents should be involved in the learning to swim process to help prevent drownings.

You will learn what to expect from a swimming school and how to teach basic swimming skills.

Choose a swimming school based on the knowledge you gain from our course.

Swimming lessons are extremely important and recommended year round. Your student will become comfortable with a coach at an early age helping to decrease separation anxiety.

You will learn teaching techniques for Babies, Toddlers, & older children with Fear of Water. The goal is teach swimming skills through games and conditioning techniques. It’s especially important to have consistent positive swimming exposure to the water if your child has any anxiety. Swimming is not like riding a bike as some may think.

Your child can be conditioned for swimming and less likely to panic in water, therefore, much safer in the water when the pool season rolls back around. Swim conditioning will diminish quickly without consistent practice.


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