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Let me ask… Do you feel frustrated with the lack of progress in Swimming Lessons?

Coach Q Master Kid Whisper can help… First, make sure you request access Kid Whisper Secrets E-Books. We will send it to you free with other videos, resources, and digital course coupons. Provide your basic contact information below. Adults Click Here for at Step by Step to Swim Guide.

Do you have a fitness routine that you enjoy? What if I could teach you Super Fun way to get in the best shape of your life and your kids can participate with you?Kid Whisper Coach Q Hosts Digital Personal Training | Adults can Participate with their Kids We will develop athleticism though structured smart play.

Digital Swimming Lessons – Unlimited access to all past live lessons and weekly live streams with our Kid Whisper Coach Q. 75% Discount Click Here

Are you an adult & scared of the water or just never learned to swim? Learn the secrets that have helped thousands learn to swim. What if you could identify and overcome the 2 roadblocks to learning to swim: water sensitivity and the fear of falling or water buoyancy. You will learn how to teach yourself the swimming fundamentals; anxiety control, streamline swimming position, treading water, breath control, effective strokes, back float and freestyle basics. Click Here | Free Teach Yourself to Swim E-Book

Yes, you can learn how to teach your kids swimming skills!

Teach Your Kids or Yourself Athletic Fundamentals & Swimming Lessons in Weeks. Learn how to Practice Today! Learn how to practice swimming skills outside of lessons & you will speed up the learning to swim process. Digital Swimming School Allows On Demand Access to over 5 hours of World Class Digital Swimming Lessons with Kid Whisper Coach Q & Access to the Digital Live Swimming Lesson Course.

Every child will have a sport that they are naturally suited and will have greater success. We work with parents to develop overall age appropriate athleticism. Very little focus on each sports rules as we focus on developing athletic skills.

Stretching, Balance, Strength, Running, Speed, Jumping, Agility, Footwork, Ball Throwing, Ball Catching, Ball Dribbling, Hand Eye Coordination, Eye Foot Coordination, Ball Handling, Tracking, Racquet Skills, Stick Handling, Olympic Sports, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Racquet Sports, Golf, Surfing, Swimming